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How To Create Sports Logo Design In Photoshop CC

Photoshop Tutorial | Professional Logo Design

Hello everyone I am here with another creative tutorial. In this tutorial we will be creating a very professional logo design using adobe Photoshop. we will create this tutorial in a few sample steps let’s start.    that’s what we will be creating today     How to create the basic shape of the logo Step 1 First of all lets open a new documents and Go to view >...

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Photoshop Tutorial | Logo Design | House Builder

Photoshop tutorial Logo Design House

Hello everyone welcome to another adobe Photoshop cc cool tutorial. The tutorial is very sample but the final result is very creative. In this tutorial we will be creating a very creative curved logo with beautiful house sign on it. First of all we will start with pen tool to create curved shape. after that we will use color gradients After watching this tutorial you Will be able to create...

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3D Logo Design in Illustrator CC And Photoshop CC

Photoshop Tutorial shield Logo Design Hindi / Urdu

Photoshop Tutorial | Logo Design in Illustrator/ Photoshop Hindi / Urdu