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Logo Design In Illustrator And Photoshop SG


Logo Design In Illustrator And Photoshop SG

Hello friends I am here with my very first illustrator Great logo Designing tutorial explaining how to simplify your design. In this logo design we will use very basic tools to create this creative latter S and G. The whole designing process behind this LOGO is the combination of both technical as well as manualy. in this logo I have applied some cool gradients color to make the logo look more creative

sahak-illu-logo-300x180 Logo Design In Illustrator And Photoshop SG

After watching this tutorial you Will be able to create you own designs such us logo design | sample logo design | 3d logo design | modern logo design | web banner design | info graphic design in both illustrator and Photoshop Enjoy the tutorial

Discovered in this tutorial

1- How to create sample shape

2-How to use shape builder tool

3- How to Round the corners in Illustrator

4- How to Create Shadows And Gradients


Watch the tutorials below

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hello my name is sahak a graphic designer. i love to create creative design like logo design, business card design, brochure design, banner design, web banner design, icon design, flyer design, foster design, so i will share all my knowledge with you in this website.