Photoshop Tutorial | Web banner design | in Hindi / Urdu

web banner design in photoshop

Hello everyone this is a graphic design tutorial in Photoshop cc. It’s one of the best web banner design tutorials so far. we ’ll start with some basic tools and simple shapes. In this tutorial we will learn how to create web ad banner design using Adobe Photoshop cc. We will use rectangle and ellipse tool to create this banner and apply some cool affects. you can download the project...

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How To Create 3D Triangle Logo Design In Adobe Illustrator CC

Logo Design In Illustrator CC trangle

Sahak graphics present a great Illustrator Tutorial for Professional 3D Logo Design using CC Version. This is a triangular shape design. Through this tutorial you’ll learn some advance designing techniques. In this tutorial we will how to use guides in illustrator for professional designing. Moreover use of Rotate Tool & shape builder Tool. Also I used very cool color gradient for this design. As always tutorial has been written in...

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Photoshop Tutorial | Web Banner Design | In Hindi / Urdu

web banner design in photoshop

Hello everyone this is a cool Photoshop graphic design tutorial. In this tutorial we will learn how to create web banner design or elements badges in Photoshop. w will start with rectangle and pen tool and create the basic shape of the banner and use some beautiful gradients for good looking color.  After watching this tutorial you will be able to create your own Photoshop designs like Web Banner Design...

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Illustrator Tutorial | 3D Logo Design | in Hindi / Urdu (Glossy)

logo design in illustrator cc world

today i am here with another cool logo design tutorial. in this tutorial we will learn how to create 3D logo in adobe illustrator cc.we will start with basic shapes and apply 3d effects extrude and bevel to give it a 3D look and some nice gradients colors. watch the video for full tutorial. if you found this tutorial useful please leave a comment below. and share this on your...

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Free Download after Effects Logo Animation Template

after effects template

This is a very cool logo animation template created in adobe after effects sc6. you can free download and use it in your own and commercial use. This template is very easy to customize only in a few sample steps. Simply go to logo holder comp and place your logo and double click on the text and write your company or logo name. if you want to export it in...

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How To Create Sports Logo Design In Photoshop CC

Photoshop Tutorial | Professional Logo Design

Hello everyone I am here with another creative tutorial. In this tutorial we will be creating a very professional logo design using adobe Photoshop. we will create this tutorial in a few sample steps let’s start.    that’s what we will be creating today     How to create the basic shape of the logo Step 1 First of all lets open a new documents and Go to view >...

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Photoshop Tutorial | Logo Design | House Builder

Photoshop tutorial Logo Design House

Hello everyone welcome to another adobe Photoshop cc cool tutorial. The tutorial is very sample but the final result is very creative. In this tutorial we will be creating a very creative curved logo with beautiful house sign on it. First of all we will start with pen tool to create curved shape. after that we will use color gradients After watching this tutorial you Will be able to create...

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3D Logo Design in Illustrator CC And Photoshop CC

Photoshop Tutorial shield Logo Design Hindi / Urdu